Club Lanes Kolsch

A well balanced German style Kolsch with a mild spiciness from the noble hop varieties. This classic light beer is an homage to the bowling legacy of Club Lanes.

ABV. 5.5% | 25 IBU

Little Bird – Table Saison

Light in color, body, and alcohol, but with a significant fruitiness from the yeast and hops Little Bird flutters into your palate with refreshing vinous overtones.

ABV. 3.65% | 31 IBU

Amanecer – Pale Ale

This APA is clean and aromatic with a juiciness that lends itself to being consumed in vast quantities. Notes of citrus and mango compliment the light body.

ABV. 5.5% | 42 IBU

MadRed – Red IPA

Oh the Mad Red.. This is a style you don’t see everyday, but we think it needs to be a mainstay. This resinous, malty red IPA is here to stay. Assertive bitterness is balanced by the strong malt backbone. Classic American hops give it a piney, citrusy finish.

ABV. 6.5% | 68 IBU

Steve’s Bitter (Attitude)

The funny thing is Steve isn’t bitter at all and neither is this beer. Its an English style bitter with slightly malty flavor and hints of lightly toasted bread.

ABV. 4% | 30 IBU

Holy Smoke – Smoked Porter

We didn’t actually smoke the beer, but rather we used some smoked malt in the mix. It has a light smoke flavor so not a barbecue bomb, however it does pair nicely with ribs, brisket, or anything in the barbecue realm.

ABV. 5.26% | 38 IBU

Yusi Frut – IPA

Low bitterness and fruit flavors make this IPA an easy drinker. Notes of pineapple and passionfruit accent this clean IPA.

ABV. 6.57% | 60 IBU

Right On – Rye Saison

This is a special Saison that has a spiciness from the rye and Belgian yeast. The wildflower honey creates a sweet and floral profile while the dry hopping incorporates some citrus flavor.

ABV. 6.56% | 35 IBU