Club Lanes Kolsch

A well balanced German style Kolsch with a mild spiciness from the noble hop varieties. This classic light beer is an homage to the bowling legacy of Club Lanes.

ABV. 5.5% | 25 IBU

Levine Lager

Named after the former hardware store that occupied this building. Malty, Vienna lager style beer with smooth mouthfeel and low bitterness.

ABV. 6% | 22 IBU

Amanecer Pale Ale

This APA is clean and aromatic with a juiciness that lends itself to being consumed in vast quantities. Notes of citrus and mango compliment the light body.

ABV. 5.5% | 42 IBU 

XanaBru – Hoppy Pale Lager

A clean, crisp and refreshing hoppy lager to cool you off during the hot summer months. Walk, run, or preferably skate over here to get some now!

ABV. 6.3% | 40 IBU

MadRed – Red IPA

This resinous, malty red IPA is here to stay. Assertive bitterness is balanced by the strong malt backbone. Classic American hops give it a piney, citrusy finish.

ABV. 7.2% | 72 IBU

Nachbar Dunkel

Love thy Nachbar. No exceptions. This clean, malty and toasty dark lager is a wonderful beverage for the late fall season. Won’t you be our nachbar?  

ABV. 6.3% | 24 IBU

Yusi Frut – IPA

Low bitterness and fruit flavors make this IPA an easy drinker. Notes of pineapple and passionfruit accent this clean IPA.

ABV. 6.57% | 60 IBU

Avenida Ocho Double IPA

A juicy, undeniably hoppy, and quenchable Double IPA. Combining 8 different hops and coming in right at 8.2% ABV, this makes Enix the hoppiest place on 8th Ave.

ABV. 8.2% | 72 IBU

Holy Smoke Porter

We didn’t actually smoke the beer, but rather we used some smoked malt in the mix. It has a balanced smoke flavor so not a barbecue bomb, however it does pair nicely with cigars and brisket. 

ABV. 7.4% | 38 IBU

Uva Una Anniversary Ale      

For our one year anniversary we released this cabernet barrel aged Biere de Garde. A clean slightly malty beer with notes of grape and oak.

ABV. 7.5% | 23 IBU

Dreamz de Peche

Collaboration with Dreamz hair salon for Fresh Fest. Peach infused Belgian style triple.

ABV. 8.5% | 28 IBU

Ogro Imperial Stout

This well-bodied, dark masterpiece is chock full of roasty and chocolatey goodness.

ABV. 11% | 85 IBU

B.A. Ogro

Ogro Imperial Stout aged in Dad’s Hat rye whiskey barrels.

ABV. 12% | 85 IBU

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